Train Rides To Somewhere New

When enough time had passed for Quinn to know Rachel was on her way in the taxi, the blonde got up from her table in the corner of the library and began to make her way through – armed with her cellphone, just in case Rachel needed directions, and the money that she would need to pay for the singer’s cab over to the library. Her eyes darted around her as she walked, wondering just how many books she could read in the time it took her to make her way through her schooling, and ended up smiling at the thought. Just being there made her happy, and though she almost wanted to go party and get to know her new friends better, she knew it was better for her sanity if she just didn’t get into the alcohol. She stopped at the vending machines and ended up buying two questionable looking blueberry muffins for the sake of it and then made her way out to the front steps to watch for Rachel’s taxi, smiling all the while to herself as she tried to contain the odd feeling of excitement over seeing her high school friend.